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Welcome to Feast with a Chef, which brings great food cooked by Britain’s top chefs to the simple and friendly surroundings of a village hall. We’re lucky enough to have been cooked dinners by a star-studded lineup of chefs including Michael Wignall, Ottolenghi’s head chef Ramael Scully, David Everitt-Matthias, Richard Davies, Emily Watkins, Matt Gillan, MasterChef Pro winner Steven Edwards, John Campbell, Silla Bjerrum, Will Holland and Nathan Outlaw. All have been sellouts. Most feasts have been in Long Ashton near Bristol, but we’ve also run feasts in Abergavenny (as part of the Food Festival) and in Oxford (to launch Ottolenghi’s NOPI Cookbook).

Great food deserves great wines so we ask a local wine expert to select wines of varying prices to match the evening’s menu and we sell them, plus local ciders, beers and juices, at our licensed bar. Scroll down to read what both chefs and diners thought of the overall village hall feast experience.


This autumn we have an exciting lineup of chefs whose restaurants have both just won places in The Good Food Guide‘s coveted Top 50 restaurants list.

In October, Feast with a Chef will be returning to Oxfordshire, where Ryan Simpson and Liam Trotman, chef-owners of Orwells (pictured above) will cook a four-course Harvest Feast. The gourmet feast, in the pretty village of Kirtlington six miles north of Oxford, will celebrate autumn’s wonderful larder, including vegetables from Orwells’ allotment. Ryan and Liam have become known for their planet-friendly approach to cooking  – as you can see from the article on the home page. They’re particularly passionate about saving our bees, vital to pollinate our food crops, so the feast will include a special dessert using honey from the chefs’ beehives, as well as other apian surprises. During dinner the pair will outline why they believe it’s as important to deliver sustainability as delicious food.

Ryan and Liam opened Orwells restaurant, inside an 18th-century pub, in 2010. Critically acclaimed by all the major guides and reviewers (including Kathryn Flett in The Telegraph – see home page), it has just been named Restaurant of the Year by The Good Food Guide 2017. Later this month Ryan will also be appearing on BBC One’s Yes Chef alongside previous Feast with a Chef chefs Nathan Outlaw and Matt Gillan, so he’s definitely a chef to watch.

In November, we’re returning to Bristol where Chris Harrod, Michelin-starred chef-owner of The Whitebrook, near Monmouth, will be cooking an Autumnal Foraged Feast. Chris trained with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir, and before that headed the kitchen at L’Ortolan, so we’re in for a treat. His gourmet four-course menu will include foraged seasonal goodies from the Wye Valley where his restaurant-with-rooms is based. Chris is closing his restaurant for the evening to be with us, so miss this exciting feast at your peril.  SOLD OUT, PLEASE EMAIL TO GO ONTO THE WAITING LIST


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Forthcoming feasts

Supporting Friends of the Earth’s

Supporting Friends of the Earth's

cooked by Ryan Simpson & Liam Trotman
chef-owners Orwells Restaurant
Saturday 1st October 6.15pm
Kirtlington village hall, Oxfordshire OX5 3HJ
£48 (including £1.84 PayPal booking fee) for four courses plus canapes, coffee/tea and petits fours
cooked by by Chris Harrod
Michelin-starred chef-owner, The Whitebrook, near Monmouth
Friday 18th November at 6.15pm
Long Ashton village hall, Bristol BS41 9DP
£46 for four courses (including £1.77 PayPal booking fee)
plus coffee/tea and petits fours

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Nathan Outlaw
2-Michelin-starred chef   Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
29 May 2016
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What you said

What a great feast! The food was delicious, especially the cod’s roe, the parsley soup and the cured salmon. And the tables looked beautiful as always. Well done. Anna
What the chef said

We spent a lovely day cooking for the feast in Long Ashton village hall. What a great idea to eat in such a wonderful location. I look forward to coming back. Thank you. Nathan
Laura Hart, Hart’s Bakery
17 April 2016
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What you said

Just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC event that was on Sunday morning. I loved every minute. The whole thing was perfect and so incredibly tasty and well presented too! I look forward to the next one! Mark

Yesterday was amazing. From start to finish it was a triumph, which I am sure is testament to how much work you must have put in to the whole event. The hot apple juice and the beautifully wrapped flapjacks were an extremely welcome surprise. The walk was wonderful and I don’t think you could have picked a better day this year. The breakfast was scrumptious. As well as sampling all the pastries, I had THREE black puddings. Unforgettable; so well done you, and all those who brought it all together. I never thought I’d be so pleased to have got out of bed at 4.00am. Sarah
What the chef said

Hats off to Clare for the Dawn Chorus breakfast. Superb organisation & what a feast. Proud to have our bread & pastries there! Laura
Will Holland, Head chef Coast, Saundersfoot
30 January 2016
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What you said

That was truly the best meal I have ever had! We are just full of compliments to Clare, Will Holland, the venue, the service, and our fellow diners. It was so unpretentious in every way. We didn’t get bogged down with ‘foodie talk’, yet we had the very best of company and foods, letting the genuine tastes of each ingredient burst through onto our taste buds. Nor did we feel we had eaten too much. The wine was exquisite. (Are there too many superlatives!?) Caroline
What the chef said

I absolutely loved my Feast with a Chef pop up. It really took me out of my comfort zone but the buzz I got from this challenge was amazing. The organisation of the whole event from the planning stages right through to the running of service by Clare and her fabulous team was faultless. Will
Ramael Scully, head chef at Ottolenghi’s NOPI
10 October 2015
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What you said

We both loved it. Wonderful food in a fantastic setting, and very good company. Really looking forward to coming to more. David & Mel
Matt Gillan, Michelin-starred chef The Pass
19 September 2015
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What you said

Just to say many thanks for such a brilliant time on Saturday – truly delicious food and drink, wonderful attention to detail – and all offered in such a convivial atmosphere. Plus sitting with Andrew Goodman (ie, one degree of separation from The Archers’ geese) really made our evening! Anna
Silla Bjerrum, Founder & Executive Chef Feng Sushi
19 June 2015
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What you said

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening. Hearing about the food and its sourcing makes things even more interesting as well. A few of the highlights: The dashi with the hake and crab dumpling was beautifully deep and intense; The cured mackerel with wasabi rocket was exquisite; the fantastic sake with with the fascinating citrusy twist; most of all however, I now have a new favourite ice cream. I was completely entranced by that green tea flavour ice cream. Howard
What the chef said

The guys and I had the most fantastic time cooking from the heart and mind for an amazingly receptive audience – we hope to be back for another feast in the gorgeous setting of Long Ashton Village Hall. Silla
John Campbell, Chef-patron The Woodspeen
4 May 2015
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What you said

Thank you for an amazing evening. Every single bit of the menu was incredible. John Campbell was so inspiring – great guy! Can’t wait for the next one now… Sarah B.
What the chef said

Super community evening, we had a great time too. John (on Twitter)
Steven Edwards, Winner of MasterChef: The Professionals 2013
28 March 2015
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What you said

Steven Edwards’ food was lovely, as the Masterchef judges noted, especially the duck which melted in the mouth. But the evening was more than a sublime meal; it was an amazing community event enjoyed by many different kinds of people from the area joined together by a love of fine cooking. I loved the way Clare interviewed Edwards, talking him through the dishes he cooked to win the competition and giving us a glimpse of how nerve-wracking it was. Lucy
What the chef said

Feast with a Chef is a truly memorable evening bringing diners together – social dining is definitely where it’s at. Cooking for 100 people at once is no mean feat but it couldn’t have been achieved without everyone working as a team with Clare leading the way. I loved every minute! Steven 
Ramael Scully, head chef at Ottolenghi’s NOPI
March 2015
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What you said

Scully produced a truly memorable meal, the highlight for me being the poached duck egg with crispy grains and dashi – wonderful texture and flavour combinations I’ve never experienced before.The amaranth petit four was pretty amazing too, as was the chocolate pudding – in fact the whole meal was stunning and all accompanied by a wonderful selection of wines. It was also thoroughly enjoyable meeting the other guests. Nikki
What the chef said

What was beautiful about this feast is that it gave me and the team the chance to showcase some of Britain’s best organic vegetables at what was a very special and rare dining occasion. Thank you. Scully
Matt Gillan, Michelin-starred chef The Pass
22 November 2014
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What you said

My congratulations to Clare for making such a congenial atmosphere, to Matt who worked hard to such great effect and yet, in between courses, found the time to chat about his food, and finally to all who contributed to such a memorable occasion. Lorna
What the chef said

To do a dinner in a village hall is quite something. To do it for 100 people is pretty bonkers. But I enjoyed the experience, so a huge thank you to Clare for inviting me. It’s completely different to my usual day’s work. And getting to showcase what I do with food to a new audience is invaluable. Looking forward to the next one! Matt 
Emily Watkins, chef-owner Kingham Plough
8 November 2014
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What you said

Great food and good company in a relaxed, informal setting. I love that you don’t know what the menu will be, but I can assure you it’ll be delicious! Edie
What the chef said

The vibe from the customers was brilliant, a great group of people who clearly all loved good food and wine. It was an absolute pleasure to cook for them. Clare and the gang organised the whole event like clock work. Emily
Richard Davies, Michelin-starred chef at The Manor House
9 May 2014
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What you said

We all had a really, really enjoyable evening.  It exceeded my expectations as I not only loved the food which surprised and delighted but also learned such a lot from the producers’ talks, delivered with such passion. Well done! Emily
Absolutely cracking evening, thank you Clare and Richard. Charlie (on Twitter)
What the chef said

What a great night. Hats off to Clare and her team on running a very smooth ship! Richard
David Everitt-Matthias, 2-Michelin-starred chef-patron Le Champignon Sauvage
4 May 2014
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What you said

Thank you for a truly memorable evening. It was a rare, if not unique, opportunity for us to experience food of this calibre. I never thought I’d get my first taste of two-Michelin-star food in a village hall! David Everitt-Matthias’ exquisite creations were a feast both for the tastebuds and for the eyes. Katherine
What the chef said

We had a wonderful evening cooking in the village hall. It was great fun with the most perfect customers. Well done Clare and your team for the organization. David
Ramael Scully, head chef at Ottolenghi’s NOPI
22 March 2014
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What you said

What an amazing evening you put together! Simon and I both commented how professional and yet cosy it all was which is a fantastic achievement, and all credit to you. We loved the food, and really enjoyed the whole do. Well done, you should be proud. Dom
The food was sensational – really zingy, different, inspiring and delicious. It was lovely to be able to thank the chef at the end too. PLEASE keep the feasts coming – it’s such a great atmosphere – like a fun dinner party but without the hassle!! Miranda
What the chef said

This really was fantastic fun, and getting a standing ovation from everyone at the end was amazing – that’s a rare thing in a chef’s life. Scully
Michael Wignall, 2-Michelin-starred chef at Pennyhill
1 November 2013
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What you said

What a brilliant idea to be able to enjoy delicious food in an affordable way and at a relaxed, community village hall shared with our friends. The food was a delight for the senses, and to have a top chef brought to our neighbourhood was a real treat. We can’t wait for the next Feast with a Chef. Sarah
What the chef said

I’d definitely do the event again. It was fun and very different from the normal working day. Michael


The idea of Feast with a Chef is to provide top-notch food in a setting that’s friendly, relaxed and affordable – so where better than a village hall? We call it ‘Fine dining without the starch.’ How did it all start? As a food writer I interview a lot of top chefs. Keen to make first-class food available to a wider audience, I asked some I knew if they’d be willing to cook pop-up Feasts in village halls. Happily they agreed, and at Halloween 2013 2-Michelin-starred chef Michael Wignall got the ball rolling by cooking a feast for 150 in the village hall in Long Ashton, near Bristol. Since then many more have cooked amazing feasts. If there are chefs you think we should invite – or if you’re a top-drawer chef and fancy cooking for us – do get in touch.

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Feast with a Chef, 36 Royal Albert Road, Bristol BS6 7NY
Illustrations by Ann Edwards www.annedwardsart.co.uk
Nathan Outlaw photography by Tania Richards; Dawn Chorus Feast photographs by Ingrid Kvale & Tania Richards; Will Holland by Phil Chisnall; Scully (NOPI cookbook Feast) by Stuart Ovenden; Matt Gillan (Michaelmas Feast) by Roger Menaldino; John Campbell and Steven Edwards by Chris Speller; Scully and Richard Davies by Ingrid Kvale; Matt Gillan and Silla Bjerrum by Stephanie Chadwick; Emily Watkins by Jeff Hargreaves; Michael Wignall and David Everitt-Matthias by Charlotte Scott